Dorje Yang Dron

KDK Arcata Dharma Study Group

Ongoing Activities

Weekly Mahakala Practice

The weekly practice group of Six-Arm Mahakala will be on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm. Lama Nyugu hosts this practice session at his home in Eureka. Six-Arm Mahakala is the principal protector of the Shangpa Kagyu lineage. Mahakala is the wrathful form of Chenrezig, therefore it is required to have the empowerment of Six-Arm Mahakala to practice this sadhana. However, it is permissible for those without the empowerment to sit and observe the practice. If you'd like to join this practice or have any questions, contact Lama Nyugu at or (707) 442-7068.

Monthly Mahakala Tsok Offering

Lama Nyugu hosts a monthly Mahakala Tsok practice to be performed in conjunction with the weekly Mahakala practice on Tuesday nights. Tsok is a profound practice of generosity which is very effective in purifying any broken samayas, or commitments we might have with our lineage and root gurus; our yidam deity; dharma protectors; and dharma brothers and sisters. Tsok offerings are important to perform for those of us practicing in the Vajrayana tradition, particularly in the Kagyu lineage. In this practice we cultivate wisdom by maintaining the view of emptiness. This view causes the merit we generate by making offerings to the Wisdom Protector Mahakala to be boundless.

Tsok is a Tibetan word that means "accumulation" or "gathering". When we perform a ceremonial tsok offering, four accumulations must be present. They are:

  1. The gathering of practitioners to perform the practice and share in the tsok offering
  2. The gathering of the enlightened Wisdom Beings; who are the Three Roots of Lamas, Yidam Deities and the Dharma Protectors.
  3. The gathering of merit and wisdom.
  4. The gathering of substances that is pleasing to the five senses. These substances include heaped offerings of delicious foods, vases of flowers, butter lamps, and incense.

Traditionally, tsok offerings are performed on auspicious days in accordance with the Tibetan lunar calendar. These days are the 10th day, the 15th day (always the full moon day), the 25th day, and the 29th day (the last day of the month). We will coincide each monthly tsok on Monday nights as close to the full moon day as possible. An email announcement will be distributed to keep you informed. You may bring flowers or food to offer if you wish.

Please advise Lama Nyugu you are coming so that space considerations can be met. As with the weekly Mahakala practice, all tsoks will take place at Lama Nyugu's home in Eureka. You can email or call him for directions and RSVP at or (707) 442-7068.

Tibetan Reading & Writing Practice

Tibetan Buddhist practice texts are written in the Tibetan language. Anyone who is interested in learning to read and write the Tibetan script, you can register for the course or tutoring sessions with Lama Nyugu. These are available to sangha and non-sangha members. You can register by calling or emailing Lama Nyugu at or (707) 442-7068. Pema Zhima commented about the course: "My new skills at reading and writing Tibetan will be invaluable for my life practice."