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Venerable Lama Lodu Rinpoche's
Teaching Schedule in Arcata - August 2018


August 3th - 5th, 2018
All events take place at the Community Yoga Center
On the Plaza, 890 G Street, Arcata, CA


Friday, August 3th 7:30 to 9:30 PM

Rinpoche will give a talk on:
"How to Practice Loving Kindness and Compassion In Daily Life"

Buddha taught infinite methods to tame the mind and progress on the path of liberation, such as impartial loving kindness and compassion. In this degenerate age, sentient beings suffer from mental poisons of ignorance, pride, desire, etc., but especially anger. Loving kindness and compassion is the remedy for the mental poison of anger. Rinpoche will explain how to cultivate and practice loving kindness and compassion in daily situations so that mental poisons such as anger can be worked with skillfully, rather than indulging in them and causing us to fall into negativity.

suggested donation $15

Saturday, August 4th 10 AM - 12 Noon



Green Tara

Buddha Shakyamuni prophesized in many sutras that one who practices Tara and recites her mantra will rapidly remove obstacles on the spiritual path and will progress speedily towards awakening. Because she was empowered by the Buddhas of the Three Times, Tara embodies the activity of all the enlightened ones. She expresses the female energy of the Buddha's compassion. Receiving the Green Tara empowerment, learning and practicing the meditation can greatly support and protect one's Dharma practice and can help to overcome unfortunate circumstances.

When taking the Bodhisattva vow, as is traditional when receiving a Vajrayana-level empowerment such as Green Tara, it's important to have the attitude of awakening, the altruistic motivation to walk on the path of awakening for the sake of all sentient beings.

Saturday, August 4th 2 PM - 4 PM

Instructions to practice GREEN TARA Sadhana

Questions and Answers period before closing.

suggested donation:
$40 for entire day
or $20 per teaching session

Sunday August 5th 10 AM - 12 Noon

Instructions to Practice the Green Tara Sadhana and Reading Transmission

suggested donation: $20

Sunday August 5th


7:00 PM: Rinpoche will answer questions after the Chenrezig meditation practice.

Whoever needs a sadhana(meditation text) forGreen Tara practiceshould contact Lama Nyugu atFierro_roman@yahoo.comor (707)442-7068 .Payment of $16 should besubmitted by July 13to Lama Nyugu.

It is auspicious to have such a great master of the Buddhist teachings present in our area. To receive his teachings and blessings is a benefit not only to our happiness in this life, but for our future lives as well if we practice like he has. Many students of his in the Humboldt County area work hard to make Lama's visits a happy and meaningful occasion. If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact:

Lama Nyugu at , (707) 442-7068


Henry and Mody Hollomon at , (707) 822-4756

All events take place at:

Community Yoga Center
890 G Street, Arcata, CA